Edition #61 — How Will the Climate Crisis & the Environment Show Up in the Federal Election?

Will the climate crisis & other environmental issues come up as campaign issues in the run-up to Canada’s federal election on October 21st? Or will our politicians continue to ignore these issues or minimize their importance? Our panel of naturalists, activists and political candidates is not optimistic.

Edition # 52 — Our Politics Panel Comments on the New Zealand Terrorism Attacks, the Liberals & SNC Lavalin, Doug Ford’s math and Jason Kenney

Our politics panel (Sylvia Sutherland, Lauren Hunter, Tim Etherington, Sean Conway & Donald Fraser) comments on the mosque shootings in New Zealand, the Liberals’ handling of the SNC Lavalin affair, Doug Ford’s education reforms and Jason Kenney’s election campaign.

Edition #49 — Our Politics Panel Assesses Peterborough’s New City Council, Doug Ford’s Leadership & the Unofficial Federal Election Campaign

Listen to what former mayor Silvia Sutherland, NDP activist Sean Conway, campaign manager Lauren Hunter, and playwright Tim Etherington have to say about this year in local, provincial and national politics so far, and what we might expect to see in the near future.

Edition #31 –Panelists Conway, Etherington & Fraser assess Ford, Trump, the Toronto election, & the Peterborough Election

Our panelists (Sean Conway, Tim Etherington &; Donald Fraser) look at Doug Ford, Donald Trump, the Toronto election mayoralty race then they analyze our municipal election campaign here in Peterborough. This podcast is a fusion of the previous two podcasts (#30 & #29).