Edition #75 — The International Student Experience in Peterborough

More and more students from abroad are coming to Peterborough to study at Trent University and Fleming College.  How are these international students being received?  What surprises them?  What challenges do they face?  Affordable housing and part-time employment are both in very short supply. What advice do they have for other international students considering post-secondary studies here?  Our winters are too long and too cold,  our food is rather bland, but thankfully our citizens are very patient and helpful.  Listen to what international students Maite Sad (Brazil), Haley Dong (Vietnam) and Raj Shah (India) have to say about their experiences studying in Peterborough.  They also have a few amusing observations about the frequency with which Canadians apologize, including our habits of saying ‘sorry’ to inanimate objects like cars and furniture! This panel discussion was recorded on December 11, 2019.

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