Episode #112 — Author Kate Story reads from her latest novel “Urchin”

While Pints & Politics usually sticks to its lane by commenting on contemporary politics in Peterborough, Ontario and Canada, we like to go exploring occasionally and leave the maps behind. Author Kate Story’s latest novel, Urchin, was published by Running the Goat Books and Broadsides of St. John’s in October of 2021. According to the Globe and Mail, Urchin is “A breathtaking mix of Newfoundland fairy lore and history as readers follow non-binary Dor – spy, adventurer, gender questioner – out into the snowy streets of St. John’s in December 1901, when Marconi has arrived in Newfoundland to receive the first wireless trans-Atlantic radio signal and Dor’s been hired to find out what Marconi is really up to...”

Having listened to the author read at her virtual book launch last fall, we were reminded again of the deep pleasure of putting aside all our preoccupations and allowing ourselves to be read to. Urchin is a mesmerizing tale from another time that resonates with an authentic tone across today’s world. The musicality of Story’s voice and her deep sense of place –having grown up in St. John’s- creates a thoroughly engaging listening experience. Enjoy!

The first two musical interludes on this episode were sourced from the Creative Commons. In order of appearance…Artist: LukHash – Music: “The Other Side”; Artist: Le Conquerant – Music: “ Guitario

The exit music was sourced from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Digital Archives Initiative Artist: The St. John’s Extension Choir – Music: Ode to Newfoundland

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