Peterborough After the Pandemic

Are you looking for a concise overview of what Peterborough might look like as the pandemic recedes?  Check out these 9 podcast episodes (#82 to #90) recorded this spring at

Episode # 82 – What’s happened so far and what might change – posted March 27th, 2020

Episode #83 – What’s been the impact of the pandemic on Peterborough’s homeless people? – posted May 2nd, 2020

Episode # 84 (Parts 1 & 2) — Which future should we aim for as Peterborough re-opens when the pandemic fades? – posted May 13th, 2020

Episode #85 – How are decisions being made during this new normal? – posted May 20th, 2020

Episode #86 – Four Peterborough students look at environmental politics & the pandemic – posted May 27th, 2020

Episode #87 – Money, debt & surviving the pandemic: a look at Peterborough’s future – posted June 4th, 2020

Episode #88 – What changes will the pandemic leave behind for Peterborough’s non-profits? –posted June 12th, 2020

Episode #89 – Policing, racism & the pandemic – posted June 19th, 2020

Episode #90 – How can Peterborough best support its artists through this pandemic? – posted June 25th, 2020

You’ll hear opinions, suggestions and creative ideas from these community leaders:  Property Manager & businesswoman Jenny Lanciault, Curve Lake First Nation Councillor and Ontario NDP Indigenous Peoples Committee Chair Sean Conway, playwright & math teacher Tim Etherington, and Peterborough This Week Journalist & former of Peterborough Sylvia Sutherland, Executive Director, One City Peterborough Christian Harvey, Executive Director, YES Shelter for Youth and Families Meagan Hennekam,  Editor & Transition Town activist Cheryl Lyon, Ph.D. student & community planner Sarah Cullingham, City Councillor & community activist Kemi Akapo, and lawyer & university instructor Ian Attridge, students Malaika Collette, Annabelle Valiant Fraser, Jake Douglas & Kaia Martin, Co-owner of Cody & James Chartered Professional Accountants Gywneth James, President & CEO of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Stuart Harrison, Business Owner & Developer Paul Bennett, Founder & Senior Associate of Laridae Consulting Jonathan Bennett, Executive Director of the Community Counselling Resource Centre Kirsten Armbrust, Director of Community Development at the New Canadian Centre Yvonne Lai, Executive Director of GreenUp Brianna Salmon and Director of Housing at One City Peterborough Michael Vanderherberg, theatre artist & writer Kate Story, theatre artist & Artistic Director of the Theatre on King (TTOK) Ryan Kerr and Director of Artspace Jon Lockyer 

Listen to these discussions anytime here: or you can hear them as re-broadcasts on Trent Radio, 92.7 FM in Peterborough every Thursday throughout the summer at 8:00 p.m. starting on July 2nd. If you are not within 40 kms. of Peterborough but want to catch these discussions as radio broadcasts, you can live-stream every program from at 8 p.m. every Thursday. Enjoy!

 Host: Bill Templeman