Episode #88 — What changes will the pandemic leave behind for Peterborough’s non-profit organizations?

What is the impact of this pandemic on Peterborough’s non-profit sector?  And what changes could individual citizens and the community at large implement that would make the work of our non-profits easier in the future?  Our panel of non-profit leaders – Jonathan Bennett, Founder & Senior Associate of Laridae Consulting, Kirsten Armbrust, Executive Director of the Community Counselling Resource Centre, Yvonne Lai, Director of Community Development at the New Canadian Centre, Brianna Salmon, Executive Director of GreenUp and Michael Vanderherberg, Director of Housing at One City Peterborough –sees room for hope as the pandemic recedes.  As a community, we have an opportunity to reimagine and reinvent difficult situations that seemed intractable before the pandemic. This panel discussion was recorded online on June 8th and broadcast on Trent Radio, 92.7 FM, on June 11th.  Normally we record these discussions in Trent Radio’s studio; recording online means that volume levels are more challenging to control.  My thanks go out to everyone on the panel for making the time in their busy schedules to explore these important issues.

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