Episode #89 — Our politics panel looks at policing, racism, the pandemic & much more

Our veteran politics panel — property manager & businesswoman Jenny Lanciault, Curve Lake First Nation Councilor and Ontario NDP Indigenous Peoples Committee Chair Sean Conway, playwright & math teacher, Tim Etherington, and Peterborough This Week Journalist & former mayor of Peterborough, Sylvia Sutherland — unravels the complex chaos of the last few weeks as the issues of racism and discrimination in society and particularly in policing collide with the tensions surrounding the on-going pandemic. Canadians have a preference for looking at racism in other jurisdictions, not our own. How could our current system of policing be improved? How can we deal with the racism of our colleagues and peers? And how are our various levels of government dealing with the pandemic? All these issues create a turbulent background for celebrating the Strawberry Moon and National Indigenous Peoples Day on the summer solstice, June 21st. This episode was recorded online on June 16.  I must ask for your patience with the quality of this recording; as soon as we get back into Trent Radio’s studio, our sound will improve.

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