Episode #117 — Stephen Wright’s Mayoral Campaign

City Councillor Stephen Wright has been knocking on doors since early May in his campaign to become the next mayor of Peterborough. In this interview, we find out what constituents have been telling him. Stephen also talks about his reasons for running and what he hopes to achieve if he wins. We look at Peterborough’s biggest challenges and key issues such as affordable housing, big property tax increases, downtown revitalization and the construction of the proposed twin-pad hockey arena at Morrow Park. Stephen also describes what he learned at the recent Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference and how those lessons might be useful here in Peterborough. This discussion was recorded at his George Street campaign office on July 5, 2022.

For more information on Stephen Wright’s campaign to be Mayor of Peterborough, go to https://sawright.ca/. The municipal election is on October 24th. Be sure your name is on the voter’s list; you can check for your name here,

The two musical interludes in this episode were sourced from the Creative Commons. In order of appearance…Artist: LukHash – Music: “The Other Side”; Artist: Le Conquerant – Music: ” Guitar

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