Episode #90 — How can Peterborough best support its artists through this pandemic?

The arts sector provides significant economic benefits to our community that far outweigh its costs. Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, performances, film showings, readings and presentations attract audiences across our town and throughout the calendar year. All that creative activity came to an abrupt halt with the pandemic lockdown back in March. How are Peterborough’s artists surviving this prolonged drought? Artists’ modest incomes in most cases do not provide much of a buffer, especially in these lean times. How can we as citizens support our local artists? Listen to what our panel of artists — theatre artist & writer Kate Story, theatre artist & artistic director of the Theatre on King (TTOK) Ryan Kerr and director of Artspace Jon Lockyer — has to say about the road ahead and the actions we need to take to stem the attrition that threatens the recovery of our arts community. This discussion was recorded online on Tuesday, June 23rd. Please be patient with our sound quality; we will sound a lot better when Trent Radio‚Äôs studios open after the pandemic recedes and we can resume regular programming.

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