Episode #91 — Back to School: What’s the plan & will it be safe?

In less than two weeks, Ontario’s school students and staff go back to class. What are the risks? Will the Ministry of Education and the school boards act responsibly if there is an outbreak? Will the government’s plan work or is Doug Ford rolling the dice? Is the government cherry-picking the medical advice that aligns with its own goals and ignoring the advice that might cost more money? Listen to what our panel of parents and teachers — Property Manager & businesswoman JENNY LANCIAULT, Curve Lake First Nation Councilor and Ontario NDP Indigenous Peoples Committee Chair SEAN CONWAY, Playwright & math teacher TIM ETHERINGTON, Peterborough This Week Journalis & former Mayor of Peterborough SYLVIA SUTHERLAND, Campaign manager and consultant LAUREN HUNTER, & Editor, writer & podcaster DONALD FRASER — has to say about the plan and the role of Ontario’s Ministry of Education in preparing us for the first day of school. Everyone has had 5 months to get ready for this moment. How has this preparation time been spent? Where is the leadership?

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