Episode #92 — Erin O’Toole’s Conservative leadership win and the Liberals troubled summer

One half of our politics panel — business-woman Jenny Lanciault, Curve Lake First Nations Band Councillor Sean Conway and former mayor of Peterborough Sylvia Sutherland — assesses the Conservative leadership vote. Then they evaluate the turmoil in Ottawa as the Liberals change finance ministers, prorogue parliament, and signal major changes in their next throne speech. What sort of Conservative leader will O’Toole turn out to be? Is he a centrist pretending to be a true Social Conservative? Was prorogation necessary? What was the so-called WE scandal all about and was it really a scandal at all? This panel discussion was recorded online on August 31st; it is just over 31 minutes in duration. The sound quality is a bit rough due to the variety of microphone technologies used. Recording online also means that voice volumes are more challenging to control. Listeners may have to adjust the volume periodically. Before the pandemic, these podcast episodes were usually recorded in one of Trent Radio’s broadcast studios. Trent Radio House is closed due to the pandemic until further notice.

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