Episode #83 — What is the impact of the pandemic on Peterborough’s homeless people?

Since mid-March, most of Peterborough has been on some form of quarantine. For the middle-class and more privileged households, the past 7 weeks have been like two months of Sundays.  Our Medical Officer of Health has told us to stay home, and that is what most of us have done.  Great advice, but what if you do not have a home? Joining me for this online discussion about homelessness and precarious housing in Peterborough are two leaders with a wealth of experience in helping vulnerable individuals and families: Christian Harvey, Executive Director, One City Peterborough and Meagan Hennekam, Executive Director, YES Shelter for Youth and Families. This panel discussion was recorded online on April 29th.  The audio quality is not equal to the recordings we normally make in Studio A at Trent Radio.  The station is closed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

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