Episode #84 (Part 2) — Which future should we aim for as Peterborough re-opens when the pandemic fades?

Has Covid-19 shown us too many weak links in our society and in our community?  As Peterborough opens up again, will we re-create the old normal, or will we embrace this opportunity to make significant changes?  Some changes are obvious: the tragic tactic of cutting costs in private-sector nursing homes by employing inadequate numbers of low-wage part-time contract staff needs to be fixed.  But what about the economic inequality that shortens the lifespans of our homeless citizens and the precariously housed?  Will we implement a universal basic income? Will we address the systemic connections between this pandemic and climate change? Will we continue to depend on global supply chains for our food, or will we strengthen our capacity for local self-reliance in food?  

Joining me for this online discussion on what sort of society we want to build when the pandemic recedes is editor & Transition Town activist Cheryl Lyon, Ph.D. student & community planner Sarah Cullingham, city councillor & community activist Kemi Akapo, and lawyer & university instructor Ian Attridge.  What choices will we make?  And will we find the courage to make brave choices? Or will the crushing weight of habit keep us trapped within our familiar limitations?  This discussion was recorded online on May 8th and is presented here in two equal segments. To get the best context,  listen to Part 1 first, then listen to Part 2. Each part is about 25 minutes long. The audio quality is not equal to the recordings we make in Studio A at Trent Radio.  The station is closed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

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