Edition #74: Part 1 — The Resignation of Andrew Scheer

Our extremely agile panelists (Lauren Hunter, Sylvia Sutherland, Sean Conway and Tim Etherington) were able to put aside our planned debrief of 2019: The Year in Politics and focus instead on the news concerning Andrew Scheer’s resignation as leader of the Conservative Party.  Like good pundits everywhere, they came up with a list of names for potential leaders and also determined that this change of leadership was not driven by a strategic plan, but by the pressure to respond to emerging events, namely the allegation that Scheer used party funds to cover private school fees for his children.  Towards the end of our discussion the panel looked back the performance of Peterborough’s City Council during the past year.  I’ve uploaded this podcast in 2 parts: In Part 1 (about 41 minutes long), the panel looks at Scheer’s resignation and the impact of his announcement.  In Part 2 (about 13 minutes long), we take a brief look back at 2019 with a focus on municipal politics here in Peterborough.

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