Edition #31 –Panelists Conway, Etherington & Fraser assess Ford, Trump, the Toronto election, & the Peterborough Election

This Edition #31 is simply a large file containing both the previous podcasts (#29 & #30).  Originally this file was too large to upload to this WordPress site.  However, with a minor technical tweak, it was easy to upload this file in its entirety.  For those who are new to this site, simply download or listen to this file as opposed to having to download the two previous podcasts (#30 & #29).  In this podcast, our panel (Sean Conway, Tim Etherington & Donald Fraser) assesses the first 3 months of Ontario’s Ford government, then moves on to touch briefly on the Trump saga in Washington before looking at the mayoralty race in Toronto.  During the second half of this podcast (after the music break) the panel focuses exclusively on the municipal election campaign here in Peterborough.

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