2 thoughts on “Edition #4 –Etherington & Fraser on the Ontario Election

  1. The numbers reflect that there IS a shift “en masse” from Liberal to NDP. Donald Fraser needs to give up the fight for the greater good of Peterborough-Kawartha and Ontario.

    Karan Leal called my parents’ place in desperation to get my folks to vote in advance polls. They are teachers. They don’t appreciate Wynne’s anti-Union stance on the campaign trail. With OSSTF souring on Wynne, and what has been revealed to me as many (typically) Liberal Catholic Teachers going ONDP and for Conway, compounded by the entirety of Elementary Public membership being actively persuaded to vote ONDP, the Liberals are shooting themselves in the foot by alienating their centre-left constituencies.

    There is much strategic voting afoot, and it will likely break harsher for the OLP than it did for the Federal NDP in 2015. Analyst Donald Fraser is thinking wishfully if his opinion is that this is a game of “save the furniture” for the OLP. Trying to scare voters about the 1990s? This Liberal campaign will play out like Kim Campbell redux.

  2. This podcast episode is everything the internet was meant to be. Local with global reach. Interesting voices not otherwise heard. Well produced, with the cutaway to interviews. Decent quality sound. And a calm voice amidst the hysteria. Forward to the future. More Rex than saint Gzowski but still, much appreciated Mr. Templeman.

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