Episode #98 — Meanwhile, back in Canada: Our politics panel takes a break from the looming US election to look at what is going on at home

Long-time politics panellists Sean Conway and Lauren Hunter catch us up on the political goings-on in Ottawa and in the provincial capitals while the rest of the known universe continues with its obsession about Trump vs. Biden. While we have been gorging on US political news, we learn that several provinces are going to the polls soon — BC, Saskatchewan and perhaps Ontario and the outcomes could shape federal-provincial relations for the next few years. Also, it appears that the federal Liberals may hold onto their minority government longer than was initially anticipated thanks to the support of the NDP. In exchange, Canadians are getting progressive legislation that would have been not possible just a few short years ago. The NDP managed to persuade the Liberals to expand federal sick leave and implement a more generous income support program for unemployed workers. In exchange, the NDP supported the Throne Speech, thereby saving the country from a fall election. This discussion was recorded on Sept. 30th and broadcast on Trent Radio on Thursday, Oct. 8th.

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