Episode #99 — The debate that wasn’t & the election that may be: Our politics panel takes a last look at the US election campaign

Our local politics panellists — businesswoman Jenny Lanciault, journalist & former mayor of Peterborough Sylvia Sutherland and math teacher Tim Etherington– give their assessments of the September 29th Trump vs. Biden debate. What do the current polls mean? Is the middle-class turning against Trump? Will Trump’s branding of Biden as ‘sleepy Joe’ have any effect on voters? Apart from not saying anything of substance, what does Biden have to do to maintain his lead? Are traditional conservative voters shifting to the Democrats? What may happen if Biden does not win decisively? What are Trump’s strategies for retaining power even if he loses both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote? Will the Democrats be able to get out their vote? Is the vaunted Republican base cracking? In 2016, those who didn’t like either presidential candidate broke 60% to 40% for Trump. This time, those same disaffected voters may vote overwhelmingly for Biden. Is Trump even concerned about the election results? Or is his end game really all about the manipulative power machinations he could orchestrate during the interregnum period between the November 3rd election and the January 20th inauguration? This panel discussion was recorded online on October 1st and broadcast on Trent Radio on October 8th.

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