Edition #77 — Part 3: Why is there community resistance to nuclear fuel manufacturing in Peterborough?

This is the final episode of the podcast that started as Parts 1 and 2 that was posted last week as Edition #76.  In this episode, 3 members of CARN (Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods) — Corinne Mintz, Jane Scott and Peter Harris — explain what people can do to slow down or stop BWXT from manufacturing nuclear fuel pellets in Peterborough.   Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods (CARN) is a community volunteer organization which is organizing resistance to BWXT’s plans.  Corinne, Jane & Peter describe their concerns and explain the actions that citizens could take to make their views know to the regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – the CNSC.  Citizens can submit a written intervention to the CNSC prior to January 27th.  They can also choose to appear before the CNSC to make an oral presentation as well when the commission comes to Peterborough for a hearing on March 4 & 5th.  All details, including links to the CNSC requirements for writing an intervention appear on CARN’s website at www.nopellets.ca.

This podcast has been divided into three parts in order to provide a more user-friendly listening experience.   Back in Edition #76, Part 1 was 29 minutes in listening time, and Part 2 was 26.5 minutes.  Here in Edition #77, Part 3 is 16 minutes long.  I recommend listening to all three parts in a 1-2 & 3 sequence.

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