Edition #60 — Public Health Panel on the Effect of Ford’s Cuts to Services

Posted May 24, 2019 — In an effort to reduce Ontario government spending, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives are cutting budgets and initiating restructuring for health care services across Ontario.  Two union representatives from the Peterborough area and a City Councillor –Amanda March, president of CUPE local 4170, Laurie Hatton, president of CUPE local 1943 & Peterborough City Councillor Stephen Wright — look at the impact of all these changes on health care service delivery and on the City’s finances.  Declining public health outcomes and large municipal tax increases appear to be unavoidable.  Centralization and privatization seem inevitable.  The discouraging evidence from other jurisdictions that have implemented similar tactics is being ignored by Queen’s Park.  In Alberta and Great Britain, these cuts and restructurings did not save money and they hurt health care outcomes.  This podcast was recorded at Trent Radio on Thursday, May 23rd.

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