Episode #104 — Kudos for City Council, Heckling Doug Ford, More Heckling for Justin Trudeau

Three core members of our politics panel — campaign manager Lauren Hunter, Curve Lake Band Council Member Sean Conway & Property Manager Jenny Lanciault — commend Peterborough’s City Council for deciding to invest the profit from the unpopular sale of PDI. The panel looks at the high level of poverty in Peterborough during this grim winter and finds all levels of government lacking in their respective responses. Then they look at Doug Ford’s pandemic management and the chaotic situation in Ontario schools. They acknowledge two of Justin Trudeau’s achievements — the legalization of marijuana and the expansion of the Child Tax Benefit while pointing out his continued support for Harper’s strategies in areas such as trade, where Canada continues to arm Saudi Arabia as the Saudis pursue a genocidal war in Yemen. The panel ends on a positive note as they discuss Curve Lake’s very successful Covid-19 vaccine campaign. This panel discussion was recorded online on March 5th and broadcast on Trent Radio on March 11th.

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