Episode #95 — The US Election: A necessary obsession for Canada? Is voter suppression via mass incarceration the new Jim Crow?

In this episode, businesswoman Jenny Lanciault, freelance writer Aggie Mlynarz and math teacher Tim Etherington continue to explore the main themes of Episode #94: the importance of this election for the global community and the many varieties of voter suppression currently on offer by the Trump administration. For Canadians, this election will set the tone for international relations, the advancement of such crucial issues as global warming and of course, measures to control the current pandemic. Our politics panel dives into the complexities of the American voting system and explores both the ease and consequences of the voter suppression tactics that could be deployed on November 3rd. This discussion was recorded online on Thursday, September 17 and it runs for just over 30 minutes. Please be patient with the quality of our sound; as a host, I have far less control over the sound of a conversation online as opposed to in a studio. Trent Radio House remains closed due to the pandemic until further notice.

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