Edition #69 — Our Politics Panel on Peterborough’s Homeless & Enduring a Banal Election

Our politics panel — former Peterborough mayor & current journalist Sylvia Sutherland, property manager & businesswoman Jenny Lanciault and playwright & math teacher Tim Etherington– explore options for the homeless people who were camping out this summer in parks downtown, then they dive into our federal election campaign.  This campaign has been nasty, trivial, and replete with scandals, both real & imaginary.  The electorate waits like concerned school teachers on yard-duty during recess, cringing while they listen to belligerent 10-year olds taunt each other.  These are our national leaders?  With just over two weeks to go before Election Day, our panelists give similar predictions for both the local and national campaigns: a very slim Liberal victory in Peterborough-Kawartha and a thin Liberal minority nationally.

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